• How to Enroll Your Child to a Class?

  • At Rainbow, we recognise that at whatever age a child starts pre-school, they will have different interests and skills and it is our aim to extend those and develop their confidence and learning through play. This ensures that each child develops the skills they need to provide a firm foundation for their future school career, such as listening, speaking, concentration, persistence and learning to work together and cooperate with other children. To help us in this we offer a variety of activities including imaginative play, construction, problem-solving, water, physical and creative play as well as rhymes, stories. Please see our prospectus for further details as to how we achieve this.

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    • The staff at Rainbows are fantastic with the children and the preschool has a really lovely family atmosphere. I have 2 other children who will definitely be attending when they are old enough!

      Denise Webb
    • My daughter has attend Rainbows Preschool since September 2016 and in that time I have seen her confidence and independence grow! She loves it and literally runs in every session! She enjoys telling me what she’s done that day with her key person, what snack she’s eaten, and what she’s played with her friends!

      Beverley Codling