Parents Info

  • Rainbow Pre-school is a registered charity (1054083) and is managed by a Committee of parent volunteers. The Committee members are vital to the running of the Pre-school and without the support of parent Committee members there would be no Pre-school.
  • Settling your child into Pre-school

  • Pre-school will probably be a completely different experience for your child and we do our best to make the transition an easy one. Most children settle in quickly but do not worry if yours does not – talk to us so we can agree on the best approach for you and your child. We also welcome any information you are able to give on your child’s development and will note any concerns you may have and agree action plans where appropriate.

    Our keyworker system gives each member of staff particular responsibility for a few children and means that each child has a special adult to relate to. This ensures that all children are supported in reaching their full potential and we also have specially trained staff to cater for Special Educational Needs children, so if your child has any Special Educational Needs then please speak to the Supervisor.

    At each session we always welcome the involvement of parents and you are invited to join us to play with the children, look out for our “stay and play” rota in the foyer

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