Meet the Committee

Do you know the answers to these questions?

1. Who manages your child’s Pre-school?
2. Who employs the staff, sets pay and issues contracts?
3. Who sets policies and fees?
4. Who chooses and organises fundraising activities?

The answer is “You do!” or at least you could if you were a member of the management committee.

A voluntary committee of parents manages your pre-school. Without its committee, the pre-school would not be able to operate.

What Would Joining the Committee Involve?

To be a committee member is not a demanding job, even as an officer. All that is needed is your enthusiasm and a little of your time. Almost all of the routine day to day administration of the pre-school school is carried out by the paid staff. The committee’s function is one of management, overseeing the smooth running of the pre-school, according to its policies, constitution and registration.

At their twice-termly meetings, which are held at members’ homes in the evening, the committee discusses fundraising activities, social events, outings, fees, admissions, financial matters, new policies etc.

Our current members and their roles

ChairClaire Onyett

Chairs committee meetings; signs cheques; writes occasional letters to parents concerning pre-school business; signs documents on behalf of the pre-school, eg annual returns to Charity Commission (prepared by paid staff).

TreasurerSarah Marett

Passes on financial report at meetings (prepared by paid staff); pays payroll (prepared by an accountant)
NB There is no bookkeeping or banking required.

SecretaryAlexandra Otoo

Takes minutes of the meetings; writes occasional letters to parents concerning pre-school business; signs cheques.

Committee MembersTom Marett, Joanne Gibson and Will Silupya

Attends and votes at committee meetings.