About Us

Rainbow Pre-school was established in 1983 and is a parent run pre-school. We operate on a termly basis and set our dates in accordance with those published by the Local Education Authority; making our terms similar to those of the local schools. We open 38 weeks per year and our term dates for the year ahead are displayed in the entrance lobby.

Rainbow aims to:

We are registered for 40 children each session and provide care and education for children below school age and over the age of two. Once a child starts at pre-school, parents become members of the Rainbow Pre-school Association and are entitled and encouraged to attend meetings. These meetings take place termly and parents are notified via email/ newsletter and posters within the setting.

Our pre-school is registered with the Essex Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership and contributes to the Partnership’s overall planning to provide education and care throughout the Foundation Stage.

Rainbow is inspected by ofsted

We are a Registered Charity No. 1054083

We are members of the Pre-school Learning Alliance No. 8700